Retro Pop Marketplace

Crazy little booth called love.

Come out and showcase your unique retro-themed products or services and spend quality time with the nostalgic 80s fan community of NostalgiaCon!

It is important to note that these rates apply ONLY to small and independent businesses who wish to participate in the special Marketplace pavilion of NostalgiaCon. The rates are not applicable to medium or large-size companies.

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Exhibit space consists of an 10’ X 10’ space and includes one 8’ table (skirted), 2 chairs, 2 exhibitor passes and listing on the official website and show program guide.

Wanna find that classic 80s toy, furniture or household item you’d love to see again?  Chances are you might find them at NostalgiaCon’s Retro Pop Marketplace.

Our marketplace provides collectors, celebrities, artists, comic book stores, and small businesses with a creative exhibit space area to showcase their retro products, talents and/or services.

If you’ve got retro merch you want to showcase, hold your space within this special part of NostalgiaCon’s exhibit space, by inquiring at exhibiting@nostalgiacon.org.