The decade of mullets, leg warmers, and shoulder pads, also produced some of American pop culture’s most iconic, quirky – and bizarre -looking entertainers and celebrities EVER seen. That’s the only excuse we need to say that NostalgiaCon is convening the world’s largest 80s cosplay experience.  Wanna have fun looking like Madonna, Mr. T, The Karate Kid or Doc from Back to the Future?  Be our guest as we host 80s cosplay fashion shows as well as amateur and professional competitions for all ages.

Professional Cosplayers looking for a place to sell their photographs, autographs and other cosplay related items can purchase a table.  Email,

Are you a Cosplayer? Looking for a place to sell your photographs, autographs and other cosplay related items? This is your opportunity to show off your costuming skills, meet your fans, make new fans, and grow your social media following!

Purchasing a table in Cosplay Alley will give you the ability to enter into a brand-new market!

Consists of a 6’ x 5’ space and includes one 6’ skirted table, 2 chairs, 2 exhibitor passes and a listing on the website and in the show program guide.

Standard Table $330 each + HST